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The European art and fashion had a strong influence in shaping my sense of style and view of beauty. Growing up in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, surrounded by a cultural history that transcends ages, inspired in me in a lifelong passion for art, style and fashion.

I started drawing as early as I could hold a pencil. The colors and imagination fascinated me. At an early age I would copy my mother’s artwork of historical figures. Soon, my sketches would be of princesses and models in dresses. I would spend hours and hours sewing dresses for my Barbies or doing their makeup with my paints. By age 6, my room turned into a studio combined with a show room of my art pieces. After getting a diploma in theater Costume Design School in Bratislava, I moved to California to study at Makeup Designory (MUD) School in Burbank, California. Here I found makeup as another medium of art where I could make other women look and feel beautiful. Now settled in San Francisco bay area, I am very excited to combine my passion of art and fashion in developing pieces that make other people’s home warm and happy.

As a founder and creator of these little princesses Chuparichky, I am sharing with you my vision, fantasy my passion for art & fashion but most of all, I am sharing with you my love for kids.

With my paining Chuparichky, I want to preserve a smile, happiness in every piece I make. I am looking forward to create an unforgettable memory for you too!

- Katarina Mandal

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